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Businesses need to have strong marketing, and communication methods.

Some corporations or businesses only provide services or products to other businesses. This is where B2B sales come in! This form of business marketing, is relatively different from your standard methods, as used by businesses to attract consumers.

 B2B sales, or business to business interaction, usually will involve larger transactions, and the cooperation of more than one person to make a sale happen. Within these bounds relationships are formed, and all business people know, these bonds are what powers their success.

 There are many forms of marketing, and each year delivers new ways of communication. Yet, how many of these truly offer, or deliver the desired results? Are your strategies working for you?

 People all over the world, including business people, want and need that personal aspect in life. Are your current communication methods delivering this?

 What is it that you must then do, or change to make a bigger impact?

Do you know what ‘handwritten’ communication can offer?

It will give you, a personal touch!

 Handwritten mail is proven to bring results. It shows your clients or business associates, that you care about the relationship you have. Studies have also shown that people will rather open, and read a letter that is handwritten and posted to them, than any other form of communication. By utilizing this form of marketing, you will raise your turnover, in accordance to your expenses, on this form of marketing, by 65% or more.

 Yes, we know, your time is limited. So, where do you fit in writing, in your schedule?

 This is where we can assist you! We offer our services to you. We can deliver, authentic handwritten mail, to your business associates. We guarantee privacy, along with precision and effectiveness. We can give you that personal touch that your business needs.

 Many companies use e-mail, pre-printed flyers or automated reply systems. However, these are all proven to be impersonal, and to an extent unproductive. They do not hold as much value to people, as handwritten communications do.

 Your clients or associates are busy people, just like you. They open their inboxes, browse through the content, and only open what to them seems important at that time. The same goes for posted, delivered mail. Except, here we see that people enjoy receiving handwritten mail. Studies completed, show that 90% of people, will open mail that is handwritten. This alone will increase your business return rates.

Thus, we can prominently say, that handwritten communications, will get the attention that you require. People regularly send out ‘thank you’ cards, or personal notes. These are usually in handwritten form, and they get acknowledged, don’t they? They have a deeper meaning to people, and this is what your business needs.

Handwritten marketing offers a personal touch, a feeling of importance and tells people that you truly care.

The human touch, emotions and feelings are strong motivators in any business. It is proven that companies using this, has generated 50% more sales than with electronic marketing methods. The more sales you make from your marketing strategy, the bigger income you have. This is due to less outgoing marketing expenses, but higher returns on the ones you use.

Handwritten mail can deliver results.

We can help you to get these results.

Our services are reliable, they are cost effective and we know our way works. Contact us today and change your business marketing, make it work for you! Will you prefer to have only 30% of your mail opened and read, or would you rather have a solid 70% opened and read? You can make a bigger impact, and we can help you do this.