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Real Estate Investors

Investing in real estate is a scary business, yet if done correctly it can be quite a profitable investment. Before you start investing, it is highly recommended that you study the markets, get to know the ins-and-outs, as well as the marketing processes and any procedures that may be involved. On the other hand, you may have been going at it longer than most, hence you know all there is to know. Or do you?

Marketing is vital to your business.

So, are you getting the responses you want or may need?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you invest in real estate?

If this is you, then you most likely seek out properties with great potential. Buy such said property, develop it and either rent it out or re-sell for a profit. You may be making such a purchase due to the leverage, or tax benefits it hold, or to improve your cash-flow. Whatever your reasons may be, marketing is a big part of your business, as I am sure you know by now.

You take something of value and increase its value, making your investments grow!This business trend that you find yourself absorbed in, has grown with tremendous popularity. However, if not marketed correctly, it could prove to be the downfall of many a great companies.

What marketing options do you use?

Do you prefer branding, promotions or distribution of flyers? What percentage of growth is these offering you? Maybe you prefer direct mail? However, the question still remains, are you getting the return on your investment out of these?

Have you ever considered the ‘handwritten direct mail’ option?

Yes, you have, you may even have tried it, but it is extremely time consuming, is it not? As a prominent business man your time is respected, your days are filled with meetings, clients and more!

 Where do you get your leads from? Do you have personal connections for these, or do you rely on estate agents, business associates, friends and co-workers? For all investors many business deals depend on leads!

 Have you considered what impact you will have on any of your sources, if you were to use handwritten correspondence?

 Why handwritten correspondence you may ask?

 Well, studies have proven that this form of marketing has a greater response rate than any other form. So what have you got to lose by trying?

 Nothing! Except maybe your time, but can you afford to not even try?

 Do you really not have the time?


 We understand this, and as a result we are offering you, and all our other clients this service.


Your business needs are significant to us!


We can give you the upper hand, to rise above your competitors.


 Studies show that people are more prone to open, and read something that is handwritten. It take the average person, only a couple of seconds to flip through their mail, and even less time to decide what to open, and what to throw in the trash. Fact of the matter is, people prefer something that is not just another printed label, as this indicates that they are just one of many, and each individual wants to feel special.


 Handwritten mail can give you this, ensuring your mail will be read!


 Our services offer 100% guaranteed ‘handwritten’ correspondence. No computer printed, fake handwritten letters. We have the resources to deliver the real thing!


 We will impress you clients for you!


Whether you need a thank you letter or card, or to send a sales pitch to a new lead, we can give you something that all people want. The benefits that come with ‘handwritten’ mail. Give your marketing a deeper feel, reach out and touch the lives of those around you.


 Allow us to aid you in achieving this!