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Small Business

Marketing for any small business is important. The proper marketing form will aid you in gaining clients, promote your products and also make sales happen. Handwritten marketing is proven to deliver a substantial increase in sales, to any business.

 What can you gain by utilizing handwritten mail?

Will it promote your business features, services and products the way you need?

Let’s have a quick look at some of the advantages it has to offer, in a variety of businesses!

Accountant Businesses

 Accountant firms offer a range of services to corporations, businesses and the public. Depending on your firms focus, you will have a speciality to offer, that some may not have. You could have a better payroll system, external audits or tax return system to offer. You need to highlight your proficiency, and market accordingly.

 Find a tactic that can help you not only generate new business, but moreover offer your existing clients something that your competitors do not have. You need to add a personal touch to your business marketing strategies. This is guaranteed to generate more success than you can imagine!

 Be it handwritten sales letters, cards or notes, clients will notice your genuine interest in them, and this will have a big impact on your business. We know, you are busy, thus we offer our services to you! Allow us to aid you in delivering client satisfaction.

 Be positive, show you care, send your clients handwritten communications through our services!

 Doctor’s Offices

 Treating patients and caring for people, IS your business as a doctor. Doctor’s see many people on a daily basis. A lot of people have a personal bond with their doctors. Yet, there are only so many hours in each day, and a doctor must deal with multiple things on a daily basis. They are constantly learning as new medication, procedures and diseases come to light. Where must a doctor find time to devote for professional communication?

 A doctor also needs to show their personal interest, make their patients feel important and valued. This can be achieved via handwritten communications, be it a ‘get well soon’ card or a ‘thank you’ note. They want to show that they are prepared to go the extra mile.

 Our business, is to care for your business! We have the time, resources and professional know-how, to provide you and your clients with that greatly needed personal connection. We will send your letters, cards and notes, all handwritten to your clients on your behalf. Be inspiring and motivational, show your compassionate side with our reliable services.

 Financial Advisors

 Financial advisors or other wisely known as brokers, are intricately involved in the lives of their clients. They give advice on investments, money matters, as well as all things to do with a person’s financial future. Within this profession you will be sending multiple forms of communications, on a daily or weekly basis. Yet, finding time for handwritten communication is not easy, even though the results of doing so, will be more beneficial than any other form.

 We can aid you in touching your client’s lives even more deeply. Even just a small contribution to show you truly care can have a major impact. We will assist you to do this, take action today!

 IT Companies

Most IT companies prefer the ways of branding for communication and marketing. Yet these tend to be very impersonal, and studies have proven that most people crave that personal connection, even in business. It is highly recommended that businesses start incorporating, handwritten communication into their marketing strategies.

Rapid changes within the world of technology has caused a gap to form. Many people are still struggling, to completely comprehend these new forms of impersonal communication. Reach out and touch someone today, change your ways of marketing and see the prenominal impact it holds.

We are here to assist you in making it happen!

There is untold power within the handwritten letter, take it and use it now.

 Law Firms and Lawyers

Most of you do believe in direct marketing, but have you discovered the power of a handwritten sales letter? Life has become distant, personal relations with clients have deteriorated. However you can make a change, you can show your softer side, gaining not only the trust of your clients, but furthermore also their devotion.

Highlight your accomplishments by being better than your competition. Give your clients what they crave, a personal touch! We know you are extremely busy, that is why we offer our services to you. Get more people to open, and really read your mail, you can do this by handwritten mail!

Moving Companies

 Would you like to boost your company income?

Do you want to grow your client base?

The digital advancements we face, are proving a challenge for all companies to truly grow!

 Why it this, what has changed?

Look at your clients, are they happy with your services?

Are you making an impact on them?

How much personal communication do you provide?

Except for great service, what is it that people need in life?

 Studies have shown us that 90% of individual’s, desire a more personal relationship, not only in everyday living situations, but also in their professional endeavours. This can easily be achieved! All you need to do is reach out with handwritten communication!

 We know you have a business to run, so allow us to become your own personal touch. You can go beyond, and show your exceptional client services with our help.

Non-Profit Organizations

In this line of business you send out multiple letters, cards, invites and more. You work with the public, businesses and corporations. Most of your business is dependent on donors and contributors.

How much personal attention are you able to give to each?

Sending out a handwritten ‘thank you’ card is easy if you only have a couple of people to thank. Nonetheless, you usually end up with a lot more! So, where do you get the time to thank hundreds, or even thousands of people for their aid?

 We are here to help you, we are pleased to offer you our services. Keep your personal connections flowing with handwritten mail! Don’t lose your donors because you did not have the time to thank them all.

Rehab Centres

Physical rehab, Criminal rehab, Abuse rehab, Drug, Alcohol or any other form of rehab is no joking matter. This form of business / practise is surely very personal. Patients need that feeling of care, concern and love. Keeping things personal is vital for all, stabilizing situations and showing people that they are not alone, this can have a compelling impact on everyone involved.

 How do you stay in touch?

Do you use pre-printed thank you cards, information letters, referrals and more?

Why be so distant when handwritten communications can enforce your personal interest?

With our genuine handwritten services, you can show you care!

Telecom Services

 Providing communication methods to consumers of all kinds, is your line of operations. Marketing is usually done via advertising campaigns, branding and mailing lists. This is great, as you to do need wide exposure, but is it truly having the desired effect? Are you reaching all the potential clients that are out there? Client loyalty is your strongest form of exposure, word-of-mouth makes or breaks your business.

Have you ever considered what an impact handwritten mail could have on your turnover?


 Mailing lists have a 55% opening rate, and handwritten mail boosts with a 99% opening rate. Is there thus any doubt that it will work for you? Talk to us today and see what growth we can give your business.

Treatment Centres

Your patients appreciate every little thing you do for them. You make a life or death situation, look like a walk in the park, but where do you find the time to give that tinny bit of extra attention, that could have an even bigger impact? Where in your schedule filled with patients, meetings and treatments can you fit in handwritten communications?

Chances are you can’t, thus you either get someone else to do it for you, or you just send a printed letter or card. This printed form of communication removes the personal touch you were aiming to deliver. We are devoted to helping you stay personal. Our services truly provide handwritten communications, showing your care and devotion, time after time.


 If you are packing on a new company or form of business, marketing is vital to your success. We are here to aid you in becoming more than merely successful. We can help you make the required impact, while saving money and focusing on your clientele.

 We have a solution that is ideally suited for your company. The impact we have made and are making via handwritten mail, is extraordinary. We have a plan of action, we give your clients that greatly desired personal touch. Talk to us, and together we can aid in making your dreams come true.

 Wedding Planners

Oh, the love that is present at a wedding. The feel in the air, this is like no other, and truly a joyous occasion to all involved. Wedding planners get very personally involved with their clients, it is after all part of their job. Consequently, it is required that there is a lot of communication.

Can you imagine what impact it will have on your business, if you could take your personal touch to a whole new level? Offering clients handwritten communications will drive through the intensity you are prepared to bring. 

 We help companies strengthen their bond with clients.

We aid in building businesses to stand out above the competition, with excellent service perks.

We hold your needs, desires and demands in our hands and make things happen.

Talk to use today.

Show your clients how far you are prepared to go for them.

Send professional handwritten mail!